Back in Balance Chiropractic

Back in Balance Chiropractic

Please note, we will be out of the office from February 14th and will be returning to the office on February 28th. Massage will still be offered during this time. We look forward to seeing you before or after our much needed vacation.
Thank you!
Dr. Franco & Dr. Manley

Choose a service to schedule


New Patient - $220
New Patients, please arrive 5 - 10 minutes early to your appointment in order to fill out paperwork. Also, we'd love if you let us know how you found us or who referred you!
New Patient from Dr. Jaweed Naweed - $220
Former patients of Dr Jaweed Naweed, please book through here so we know to thank him and please allow for a 1 hour so we may do a full exam. Please also arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to fill out paperwork.
Chiropractic with Dr. Manley - $90
Appointments with Dr. Rich Manley are 30 minute sessions.
Chiropractic with Dr. Franco - $90
Please note that Dr. Franco has moved to 20 minute visits.
Chiropractic with Dr. Franco- Double - $160
This is a 40 minutes session.

Massage Therapy

50 Minute Massage - $95
80 Minute Massage - $145

Private Yoga Session with Marlene

Sleepy Time Yoga Session--1hr - $100
Gentle restorative yoga with plenty of props and hands on assists to allow for deep relaxation. Most poses are done while reclined--this is not a work out.

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